A pancake recipe requires one and one third cups of milk to one cup of flour. If four and two thirds cups of milk is used, what quantity of flour will be needaccording to the recipe?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:3 and a half cups of flourStep-by-step explanation:Solve using proportions:milk to flour ratios[tex]\frac{1\frac{1}{3} }{1} = \frac{4 \frac{2}{3} }{y}\\[/tex]Find the scale factor for the increase of milk by dividing the second amount by the first amount.Divide four and two thirds by one and one thirds.[tex]4\frac{2}{3} / 1\frac{1}{3}\\\frac{14}{3} / \frac{4}{3} = \frac{14}{3} X \frac{3}{4}\\= \frac{42}{12} = \frac{7}{2} = 3.5[/tex]The scale factor is 3.5.Multiply the amount of flour by the scale factor to get the second amount.Multiply one by 3.5.1 X 3.5 = 3.53.5 = 3 1/2We need 3 and a half cups of flour when there are four and two thirds cups of milk.