According to this information, what was the percentage of carbon-14 remaining in an object after 55 years?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option A that is [tex]99.34[/tex] is the correct choice.Step-by-step explanation:To find what percentage of carbon-14 is still remaining after [tex]55[/tex] years.We have to pull the equation and instead of [tex]t[/tex] we will put the years in numbers that is [tex]t=55[/tex]Lets see the equation.[tex]C(t)=100.e^{-0.000121(t)}[/tex]Now to find the carbon-14 percentage.Putting the value of [tex]t[/tex] in years.So[tex]C(t)=100.e^{-0.000121(t)}[/tex] and [tex]e^{-0.000121(55)}=0.9934[/tex][tex]C(t)=100\times 0.9934 =99.34[/tex]As mentioned that the function is already framed to find the percentage we need not to convert it or multiply with [tex]100[/tex].So the percentage of C-14 remaining after [tex]55[/tex] years is [tex]99.34[/tex]Option A is the correct choice.