Find the area of a triangle with the given vertices.Part I: Graph the following points on the coordinate grid below.(1, -3), (3, -1), (5, -3)Part II: Find the area of the triangle. Show your work.

Accepted Solution

Answer:the area of the triangle is 4 square units.Step-by-step explanation:Plotting the points, we can see that the triangle is isosceles lying in the 4th quadrant of graph.we can break the triangle in 2 similar right angled triangles,each with base 2 and height 2  units.area of triangle is given by the formula,A= [tex](\frac{1}{2})(base)(height)[/tex]thus, A= [tex](\frac{1}{2})(2)(2)[/tex]A=2 square units.there are 2 such triangles,thus total area is 4 square units.