Fiona buys different amounts of gas at $2.25 per gallon she has a graph that shows the amount she should pay as a function of the amount of gas she buys. what constraints are there on the domain of the function?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:See belowStep-by-step explanation:Fiona has a function that shows the amount of money she has to pay ( f(.) ) as a function of the gas the buys (g). So, the function can be written as: f(g). As each litter costs $2.25 we can say that:f(g) = 2.25gLets try to find put which constraints the function f(g) has in its domain, it is, what are the restrictions for the values of g. Is evident that g cannot be negative, as one cannot buy negative liters of gasoline. We can buy any positive amount of gasoline, doesn't matter if it is an integer number or not. it is possible to buy 5 liters and also to buy 5.45454545545454 liters. A zero amount of liters is also possible, having zero cost. Thus, as any positive or zero value is positive, but negative values are not, we can restrict the domain to every non-negative real number:Domain(f) = [0, infinite ) orDomain(f) = Real non negative