For a scientific Experiment, A physicist must make sure that the temperature of a metal at 0°C gets to no colder than -80°C. the physicist changes the metals temperature at a steady rate of -4°C per hour. Let t represent the temperature in degrees Celsius. Write an inequality. use the fact that the rate of change in temperature times the number of hours equals the final temperature.

Accepted Solution

Answer:- 4 h ≥ - 80 Step-by-step explanation:The temperature of the metal is 0°C and the gets to no colder than - 80°C. If the temperature is decreasing at the rate of - 4°C per hour, then the temperature after h hours will be t = 0 + (- 4) h which will not be less than - 80°C. So the inequality that models the situation is 0 + (- 4) h ≥ - 80 ⇒ - 4 h ≥ - 80 (Answer)