I NEED HELP!!! WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!! HHHEELLLPPP!!!!A company makes yellow golf balls and white golf balls. the table shows the company's sales of yellow golf balls for the last 3 years.Chart:Year Number of yellow golf balls1 204,1322 225,6243 237,108Task:The company expects sales of yellow golf balls to continue to increase in year 4.The company also expects the ratio of yellow golf balls sales to white golf balls sales in year 4 to be about 1:5.The average selling price of a box of 12 yellow or 12 white golf balls is $23.94.Estimate the company's total sales, in dollars, of golf balls in year 4.Enter your estimate, your work, and your explanation in the space provided. HELP!!!!!!!

Accepted Solution

The estimate of the total sales is $3,055,510.08.

First I created a scatter plot of the data given for yellow golf balls and calculated the linear regression for it.  Screenshots are attached.

The regression equation (equation for the line of best fit) was 
y = 16488x + 189312, where x represents the year number and y is the total yellow golf balls.

We are concerned with year 4, so we will substitute 4 for x:
y = 16488(4) + 189312 = 255,264

There will be around 255,264 yellow golf balls sold in year 4.

Since the ratio of yellow to white golf balls is 1:5, we can set up a proportion:
1/5 = 255264/x

Cross multiply:
1*x = 5*255264
x = 1,276,320

We expect the company to sell 1,276,320 white golf balls.  This makes a total of:

1,276,320 + 255,264 = 1,531,584 total golf balls expected to be sold in year 4.

Since these are sold in boxes of 12, we divide this by 12:
1,531,584/12 = 127,632 boxes expected to be sold

Each box is 23.94:
127632*23.94 = 3,055,510.08