n quadrilateral LMNO, LO ∥ MN. What additional information would be sufficient, along with the given, to conclude that LMNO is a parallelogram? Check all that apply. ML ∥ NO ML ⊥ LO LO ≅ MN ML ≅ LO MN ⊥ NO

Accepted Solution

Answer:  The correct options are(A) ML ∥ NO,(C) LO ≅ MN. Step-by-step explanation:  Given that in quadrilateral LMNO, LO ∥ MN.We are to select the correct additional information that would be sufficient along with the given information to conclude that LMNO is a parallelogram.PARALLELOGRAM:  A parallelogram is a quadrilateral if ine of the following conditions are satisfied:(i) Two pairs of opposite sides parallel or(ii) one pair of opposite sides parallel and congruent.The given condition is LO ∥ MN.So, the other additional sufficient condition will beeither the other pair of opposite sides parallel, i.e., ML ∥ NO,orthe same pair of parallel sides are congruent, i.e,  LO ≅ MN.Thus, the correct statements are ML ∥ NO and  LO ≅ MN.Option (A) and (C) are correct.