The altitude at which we boil an egg affects how long it takes for the egg to achieve perfect hardness.It takes 198 seconds to boil a perfect egg at the lowest place possible, the edge of the Dead Sea, which has analtitude of -418 meters.The highest place possible is the summit of Mount Everest which has an altitude of 8848 meters. It takes 209seconds to boil a perfect egg there.T(a) models the time (in seconds) it takes to boil a perfect egg at an altitude of a meters.Which number type is more appropriate for the domain of T?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The domain is [tex]-418 \leq a \leq 8848[/tex] where [tex]a[/tex] is an integer.Step-by-step explanation:We see from the data given that the  domain of T(a) takes both positive and negative integer values ( 8848 meters and  -418 meters); T(a) never gets decimal values (and in real life thy won't be of much use because we are not looking for that much accuracy).So the appropriate number type for the domain of T(a) would be integers. And if you are interested, the domain is [tex]-418 \leq a \leq 8848[/tex].