2. You plan to replace the carpeting in the room shown. What is thearea of the room?A 144 ft?OB 198 ft?9 ft3 ftC 171ft?18 ft β€”6 ftOD 216 ft2SaveSave and cle1:05 PMAo meD11B/2010​

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]198\ ft^2[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: Β  Β  Β  Β  see the attached figure to better understand the problemwe know that the area of the room is equal to the area of a rectangle plus the area of a trapezoidstep 1Find out the area of the rectangle[tex]A_1=(18)(9)=162\ ft^2[/tex]step 2Find out the area of the trapezoid[tex]A_2=\frac{1}{2} (9+3)(6)=36\ ft^2[/tex]step 3Sum the areas[tex]A=A_1+A_2[/tex]substitute the values[tex]A=162++36=198\ ft^2[/tex]