Angelina has a collection of nickels and dimes worth $4.65. If she has 70 nickels and dimes, how many of each does she have?

Accepted Solution

She has 47 nickels and 23 dimes.Step-by-step explanation:Worth of dimes and nickels = $4.65 = 4.65*100 = 465 centsNo. of coins = 701 nickel = 5 cents1 dime = 10 centsLet,x be the number of nickels.y be the number of dimes.According to given statement; x+y=70    Eqn 15x+10y=465    Eqn 2Multiplying Eqn 1 by 5[tex]5(x+y=70)\\5x+5y=350\ \ \ Eqn\ 3\\[/tex]Subtracting Eqn 3 from Eqn 2[tex](5x+10y)-(5x+5y)=465-350\\5x+10y-5x-5y=115\\5y=115\\[/tex]Dividing both sides by 5[tex]\frac{5y}{5}=\frac{115}{5}\\y=23[/tex]Putting y=23 in Eqn 1[tex]x+23=70\\x=70-23\\x=47[/tex]She has 47 nickels and 23 dimes.Keywords: linear equation, elimination methodLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/8358304brainly.com/question/8540796#LearnwithBrainly