Bryan wants to purchase a skateboard. He has $50 to spend. he finds one that regularly sells for $70.00 and is on sale for 40% off. Sales tax is 7%. Bryan says he has enough money to buy the skateboard. is he correct?

Accepted Solution

Bryan has enough to buy skateboard as it will cost $44.94Step-by-step explanation:Original price = $70.00Discount = 40% Amount of discount = 40% of original priceAmount of discount = [tex]\frac{40}{100}*70[/tex]Amount of discount = [tex]\frac{2800}{100}[/tex] Amount of discount = $28Price after discount = Original price - amount of discount[tex]Price\ after\ discount=70-28 = $42\\[/tex]Sales tax = 7% = [tex]\frac{7}{100} = 0.07[/tex]Sales tax amount = Price after discount (0.07)[tex]Sales\ tax\ amount= 42(0.07) = $2.94\\[/tex]Price of skateboard = Price after discount + sales tax Price of skateboard = 42+2.94 = $44.94Bryan has enough to buy skateboard as it will cost $44.94Keywords: sales tax, subtractionLearn more about subtraction at:brainly.com/question/4361464brainly.com/question/4390083#LearnwithBrainly