d= number of dollarsn= number of ouncesDrag each table and equation to the unit rate it matches.

Accepted Solution

Unit rate 4:The table d      n4       18       216      4Unit rate 1/4:Tabled      n1       44       1616      64andThe equation n=4dUnit rate 16:Equation:d = 16nStep-by-step explanation:The unit in the unit rate is dollars per unit ounces which means that the unit rate calculated by[tex]Unit\ rate = \frac{dollars}{ounces}[/tex]So,The first option is the equation:[tex]d = 16n\\\frac{d}{n} = 16[/tex]The unit rate is 16 dollars per ounceThe second option is the table:d      n1       44       1616      64We can take any pair of values of d and n from the table to calculate the unit rateSo takingd = 1n=4[tex]Unit\ rate = \frac{d}{n}\\= \frac{1}{4}[/tex]The unit rate for table is: 1/4 dollars per ouncesThird option is the equation:n = 4d[tex]n = 4d[/tex]dividing both sides by n[tex]\frac{n}{n} = \frac{4d}{n}\\1 = \frac{4d}{n}[/tex]dividing both sides by 4[tex]\frac{1}{4} = \frac{4d}{4n}\\\frac{d}{n} = \frac{1}{4}[/tex]the unit rate is 1/4 dollars per ounceFourth option is the table:d      n4       18       216      4We will take any pair of d and n to find the unit rateSo,Takingd = 4n =1[tex]Unit\ rate = \frac{d}{n} \\= \frac{4}{1}\\=4[/tex]The unit rate is 4 dollars per unit ounce.Keywords: Unit rate, unitsLearn more about unit rate at:brainly.com/question/4550858brainly.com/question/4639731#LearnwithBrainly