Jon is looking into a $4,250 vacation package that is offered for 25% off. There is a 9% resort fee added on to the total. How much will the vacation cost Jon.

Accepted Solution

The vacation will cost Jon $3474.375Step-by-step explanation:GivenCost of total package = $4250Discount on package = 25%First of all we will find the cost of whole package after discountSo,[tex]Discount = 25\%\ of\ 4250\\= 0.25 * 4250\\=\$1062.5[/tex]Cost of package after discount = Package cost - discount[tex]= 4250-1062.5\\=\$3187.5[/tex]The package cost after discount is: 3187.5 dollarsIt is also given that there is 9% resort feeSo[tex]Resort\ fee= 9\%\ of\ 3187.5\\= 0.09 * 3187.5\\=286.875[/tex]SoThe total cost for vacation will be:[tex]Package\ cost+resort\ fee\\= 3187.5 + 286.875\\=\$3474.375[/tex]The vacation will cost Jon $3474.375Keywords: Percentage, discountLearn more about percentage at:brainly.com/question/4464845brainly.com/question/4522984#LearnwithBrainly