Ming drew a triangle. The sum of the angles of the triangle is 180º. In Ming’s triangle, B is twice the measure of A, and angle C is 5º greater than four times A. The system of equations below can be used to find the measure of the three angles, where a represents the measure of A, b represents the measure of B, and c represents the measure of C. a + b + c = 180 2a = b 4a + 5 = c Which matrix represents the measure of each angle in Ming’s triangle?

Accepted Solution

a--------------> represents the measure of angle A
b--------------> represents the measure of angle B
c--------------> represents the measure of angle C

we know that

a+b+c=180-----------> equation 1
b=2a------------> equation 2
c=4a+5--------> equation 3

I substitute 2 and 3 in 1
a+(2a)+(4a+5)=180-----------> 7a+5=180--------> 7a=175--------> a=25°
b=2a----------> b=2*25---------> b=50°
c=4a+5---------> 4*25+5---------> c=105°

the matrix that represents the measure of each angle in Ming’s triangle
is [25°, 50°. 105°]

the answer is [25°, 50°. 105°]