Part I: Describe the center and radius of the circle.The center is at ___.The radius is __ units.Part II: Use the equation below to identify the value of each variable for the circle.Standard Form Equation of a Circle(x - h)2 + (y - v)2 = r2(h, v) = center r = radius lengthh =__ v =__r =__Part III: Use Parts I and II to write the standard form equation of the circle.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Center (2,4) , radius=3, h=2 v=4 & r=3 Step-by-step explanation:Ok so in order to find the center of the circle, use the graph (like you can see that the x is 2,if you count down from 5 to the left. the y is 4,because it's below 5 in the y pole).So the center is (2,4)Now, in order to find the length of the radius, you need to do the following:Take the center point (2,4) and the point where the circle ends (2,1) . Because radius is a straight, you can substract the y values of the two points : 4-1=3 As you can see in the equation, the h symbolizes the x of the center point and the v symbolizes the y.The r is the radius that we already found(3)So it's shouldn't be a problem now to find the equation of the circle,simply replace the values with their numbers:(x-2)^2 + (y-4)^2 = 9