Please help asap! lots of points

Accepted Solution

Hello there! I can help you! Let's start solving this by solving for the slope. In case you forgot, the formula for finding slope is y2 - y1 / x2 - x1. The points represent each values. Here's what each value would be:

y2: -5
y1: -9
x2: 10
x1: 9

Fill in the numbers for the equation and solve. -5 - (-9) is 4. 10 - 9 is 1. 4/1 is just simply 4. There. The slope is 4, but we're not done. We'll use one of the points as x and y.  Point-slope form is in the form of y - y1 = m(x - x1). y1 is -9. Because that is a negative number, we will be adding, so that part is y + 9, which eliminates answer choices A and B. x1 is 9. The other part will be 4(x - 9). That eliminates answer choice C. That leaves D, with the problem in point-slope form being y + 9 = 4(x - 9). When you subtract 4x from both sides, subtract 9 to isolate the y, multiply -10 and 4 together to get -40, and subtract 5 from -40 to get -45, the equation becomes -4x + y = -45. You use the values of the second point to find the value on the x-side. There. The answer is D.