please help me. I didn't get it

Accepted Solution

[tex] \frac{3}{10} [/tex] + [tex] \frac{2}{5} [/tex]
Multiply the [tex] \frac{2}{5} [/tex] by 2 on both sides to get a common denominator of 10. You should end up with [tex] \frac{4}{10} [/tex].

[tex] \frac{3}{10} [/tex] + [tex] \frac{4}{10} [/tex] = [tex] \frac{7}{10} [/tex]

Get a common denominator between [tex] \frac{7}{10} [/tex] and [tex] \frac{5}{15} [/tex] to compare them -- a common denominator is 30. Multiply the [tex] \frac{7}{10} [/tex] by 3, and [tex] \frac{5}{15} [/tex] by 2.

[tex] \frac{21}{30} [/tex] and [tex] \frac{10}{30} [/tex] 
The [tex] \frac{7}{10} [/tex] is obviously much larger than [tex] \frac{5}{15} [/tex].

Now look at the answers. Which are true?

B and E are easily seen as true, because we know that the total of [tex] \frac{5}{15} [/tex] is not reasonable/right.

The 2 statements that are true are (B) and (E).