Question 2(Multiple Choice Worth 15 points) (04.03 LC) Which of the following options results in a graph that shows exponential growth? f(x) = 0.4(0.2)x f(x) = 4(0.98)x f(x) = 0.7(5)x f(x) = 5(4)−x

Accepted Solution

The answer is:  [C]:  " f(x) = 0.7(5)ˣ " ._________________________________________________________ Explanation:_________________________________________________________From all the answer choices given; Answer choice:  [C]:  "  f(x) = 0.7 (5)ˣ " ;  is the answer choice with a "positive number"; {which is then multiplied by: [ a "positive whole number" or a "positive number greater than "1"; that is raised to a "positive variable"] .________________________________________________How I solved this:  Further Explanation:________________________________________________A positive number multiplied by a {"number less than 1; raised to "x"] would result in increasingly lower values as "x" increases. Same with "raised to "negative x" {refer to "Answer choice [D]" }.