Use the formula m = to calculate the slope of the line.The slope of the line is .

Accepted Solution

The slope m of the line passing through points A(a, b) and B(c, d) is determined by the formula:

[tex]\displaystyle{m= \frac{d-b}{c-a} [/tex]

that is, the slope is the ratio of the difference of the y-coordinates, to the difference of the x-coordinates:

In our problem we have points A(-6, -8)  and B(2, 8), 

applying the formula for the slope, we have:

[tex]\displaystyle{m= \frac{d-b}{c-a} = \frac{8-(-8)}{2-(-6)}= \frac{16}{8}=2 [/tex]

Answer: 2