You have $45 to spend at the music store. each cassette tape costs $5 and each cd costs $12. write a linear inequality that represents this situation. let x represent the number of tapes and y the number of cds. 5x + 12y ≥ 45 5x + 12y ≤ 45 12x + 5y ≥ 45 12x + 5y ≤ 45

Accepted Solution

Hi there.

In the problem, it states that you have $45 to spend - this means it has to be exactly $45 or less than that.

We also know that we're gonna add the price of the cassettes & CDs.

The order of the numbers went $5 for each cassette, & $12 for each CD.

5x + 12y is equal to or less than 45

Hope this helped :p