99 POINTS POSSIBLE!!!! I have a lot of math problems.....Please show your work also:) I will give Brainiest too!1.Chase picked three buckets of blackberries that weigh: 2.79 pounds, 2.45 pounds, and 2.62 pounds. What is the average weight for the three buckets?2. Ashley is baking cookies for math class. The recipe calls for 4 4/5 cups of flour. Ashley has to make 1 1/3 times the recipe to feed the whole class. How much flour does Ashley need?3. Jordan finished her homework in 1 1/2 hours. It took Kasey 3/4 an hour longer than Jordan to finish her homework. How long did it take Kasey?4. 32.5 divided by -0.085. 4.3x= 81.7 (Decimal Equation)Thank you for helping me if you did!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it very much!!!!!!!

Accepted Solution

1) average weight=the sum of weights divided by number of buckets
average weight=(2.79+2.45+2.62)÷3

2) recipe calls for 4 4/5=4+(4÷5)
1 1/3=1+(1÷3)=4/3
So 4.8 times 4/3=6.4

3) Jordan took 1+1/2=1.5 hours
Kasey 3/4 an hour longer than Jordan
So Kasey took 1.5+(3÷4)=2.25 hours

4) 32.5÷(−0.08)=−406.25

5) 4.3x= 81.7
Solve for x by dividing both sides by 4.3 to get

Hope it helps!