Can you help me find the answer and explain it to me?Calculate the area of each right triangle below. Note that the figures are not drawn to scale. Numbers 31.2 cm 9.1 cm and 32.5 cm whats the area of the right triangle?

Accepted Solution

to find the area of a RIGHT ANGLE triangle, you do base x height then divide it by two.

(we divide by two because a parallelogram can be split into two triangles so we’re basically finding the area of that triangle twice to make an imaginary parallelogram then halving it to get the area of just the triangle).

because you didn’t attach a photo, im not entirely sure which length you gave is the height and base but because a rule for right angle triangles is that the longest length (called the hypotenuse) is always opposite the angle so we’re gonna assume that 32. 5cm is the hypotenuse for this triangle.

this means that 31.2cm and 9.1cm are our base and height length (interchangeable).

so we do
— 31.2 x 9.1 = 283.92
— 283.92 / 2 = 141.96cm squared (because it’s an area!)

hope this helped~ :)