A hot air balloon is tethered to a 100-meter rope with no slack. The balloon is 70 meters above the ground. What is the angle of elevation? (to the nearest tenth) A) 34.9° B) 43.5° C) 44.4° D) 45.6°

Accepted Solution

Answer:The value of angle of elevation is 44.4°  .Step-by-step explanation:Given as :The measure of the rope of hot air balloon = 100 mThe height of balloon above the ground = 70 mLet The angle of elevation = ФNow, According to question Sin angle = [tex]\dfrac{\textrm Perpendicular}{\textrm Hypotenuse}[/tex]Or, SinФ =  [tex]\dfrac{\textrm Height of baoolon above ground}{\textrm measure of rope}[/tex]Or, SinФ = [tex]\frac{70}{100}[/tex]Or, SinФ = [tex]\frac{7}{10}[/tex]∴ Ф = [tex]Sin^{-1}[/tex]([tex]\frac{7}{10}[/tex])I.e Ф = 44.4°Hence The value of angle of elevation is 44.4°  . Answer