An airliner is 9.34 feet wide. The airline wants to install 5 seats in each row. The seats are each 1.46 feet wide. Rounded to the nearest tenth, about how much space would be left for the aisle?

Accepted Solution

About 2.0 feet space will be left for aisle.Step-by-step explanation:Width of airliner = 9.34 feetWidth on one seat = 1.46 feetSeats to install = 5Width of 5 seats = 5*1.46 = 7.3 feetSpace left for aisle = Width of airliner - width of 5 seats[tex]Space\ left\ for\ aisle=9.34-7.3\\Space\ left\ for\ aisle=2.04\ feet[/tex]Rounding off to nearest 10thSpace left for aisle = 2.0 feetAbout 2.0 feet space will be left for aisle.Keywords: multiplication, subtractionLearn more about multiplication at:brainly.com/question/10435836brainly.com/question/10541435#LearnwithBrainly