For a sample of 100 students, the median number of text messages sent per day is 90, the first quartile is 78, and the third quartile is 102. Select all of the answers that create a true statement.Approximately 25 students in the sample send:more than 90 text messages.less than 90 text messages.more than 78 text messages.more than 102 text messages.between 90 and 102 text messages.less than 78 text messages.

Accepted Solution

Answers are:
Choice D) more than 102
Choice E) between 90 and 102 messages
Choice F) less than 78
So there are three answers here

The reason for choice D is that 25% of the values are above Q3 (third quartile) which is 102 in this case. Take 25% of 100 to get 25. So there are 25 people who send more than 102 messages

The reason for choice E is that 25% of the data is between the median and Q3. 

The reason for choice F is similar to choice D. Twenty five percent of the data values are smaller than Q1 (first quartile) which is 78.