galileo wanted to release a wooden ball and an iron ball from a height of 150 meters and measure the duration of their fall. he found a plane with an incline of 15 degrees that he could climb until he gets to an altitude of 150 m. how far should galileo walk up the inclined plane?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Alright, lets get started.Please refer the diagram I have attached.Suppose Galileo should walk x meters on 15 degree inclined plane, and then he will get the 150 meter altitude and he could perform his experiments with the balls.Now, using trigonometry, we know[tex]sin (angle) = \frac{opposite}{hypotenuse}[/tex]Means [tex]sin(15)=\frac{150}{x}[/tex]Plugging the value of sin 15[tex]0.2588=\frac{150}{x}[/tex]Hence,[tex]x = \frac{150}{0.2588}=579.56[/tex]So, Galileo must walk up 579.56 meters on inclined plane.  :  Answer