The table and the equation show show the approximate speeds for a roadrunner and a coyote running at top speed. Which animal runs faster? How much faster per minute? ( 1 mile=5,280 feet, 1 minute= 60seconds​

Accepted Solution

The question is missing the table and equation. So, I have attached the same below.Answer:Coyote is faster than a roadrunner.Step-by-step explanation:In order to find which animal runs faster, we have to calculate their speeds and then compare them.Speed of a body is nothing but the slope of the graph of distance traveled and time taken as speed is the ratio of distance and time.Now, from the table, the slope is given as:[tex]m_1=\frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}\\Where\ x_1.y_1,x_2,y_2\ \textrm{are two consecutive x and y values in the table}[/tex]Plug in [tex]x_1=1,x_2=2,y_1=29,y_2=58[/tex]. This gives,[tex]m_1=\frac{58-29}{2-1}=29\ ft/s[/tex]Therefore, speed of roadrunner is 29 ft/s.Now, from the equation of a coyote, the slope is determined from the coefficient of 'x'. The equation is:[tex]y=0.7x[/tex]This equation is of the form [tex]y=mx[/tex] where, 'm' is the slope of the line.Thus, speed of a coyote is 0.7 mi/min. Now, in order to compare the two speeds, we need to make them in same units. Converting the speed of a coyote in ft/s gives:1 mile = 5280 ft∴ 0.7 miles = [tex]0.7\times 5280=3696\ ft[/tex]1 min = 60 sTherefore, 0.7 mi/min = [tex]\frac{3696}{60}=61.6\ ft/s[/tex]Now, speed of roadrunner is 29 ft/s and that of a coyote is 61.6 ft/sAs 61.6 is greater than 29, a coyote is faster than a roadrunner.