I do not get this someone help

Accepted Solution

Answer:Y-intercept: (0,22)Step-by-step explanation:Hi there!So, with this problem, you need to use these points to find your slope-intercept form (y=mx+b). The "m" is the slope and the "b" is the y-intercept. First, you need to find your slope. The basic definition is the change in y over the change in x: (y₁-yβ‚‚)/(x₁-xβ‚‚). I used the coordinates (-56,66) and (-42,58), but you are more than welcome to use another pair if you'd like.I plugged in the coordinates to get (66-58)/(-56-(-42)) and then doing some basic math, it simplifies to: 8/-8 so your slope is -1.Now, all you have to do is plug in some numbers and then solve for b.Ill use the coordinates (-28,50) to help solve it50=-1(-28)+b50=28+bBring the 28 to the other side to get:22=bAs I defined earlier, b is your y-intercept so you just need to put in coordinates to get (0,22). Since the y-intercept is on the y-axis so the x is 0.