I'LL GIVE YOU 40 POINTS!!!!Instructions:Type the correct answer in each box. Use numerals instead of words. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s).The degree of the function f(x) = -(x + 1)2(2x − 3)(x + 2)2 is ____ , and its y-intercept is (___ ,___ ).

Accepted Solution

Answer: Degree is 5 and y-intercept is (0, 12)Step-by-step explanation:Since, the highest exponent in the polynomial is called the degree of the polynomial or we can say the power of the term of leading coefficient is called degree of the polynomial.Since, given polynomial, [tex]f(x) = -(x + 1)^2(2x-3)(x + 2)^2[/tex]Since, When we solve the above expression the highest power of variable x that we found, is 5.Therefore, the degree of the given polynomial is 5.Also, we will get the y-intercept of the function f(x) at x =0,By putting x=0 in the given polynomial, we get y = -1 × -3 × 4 =12Therefore, y-intercept of the above function is (0,12)