In a race, Car #1 went an average of 165 miles per hour for x hours before dropping out. Car #2 went an average of 175 miles per hour for y hours before dropping out. The distance Car #1 travelled was at least that of Car #2. Using the values and variables given, write an inequality describing this.

Accepted Solution

When you think about it. It's actually quite easy.
The number are the amount of miles, and the variables are the amount of hours. So we would just have to multiply them. So, by putting the number together we would be able to multiply them once we have the numbers for the variables. Since we dont have them, we can just make the inequality. It says that car 1 traveled at LEAST that of car 2. Showing that car 1 may have traveled farther. SOOOOO........ the inequality should look like this:

165xΒ β‰₯ 175y