Matt needs to bake 144 cookies for a school event. He can fit 18 cookies on a baking sheet for each batch. He estimates that he'll need to bake more than 10 batches of cookies to make all the cookies he needs. Is his estimate correct? Choose the correct response and reason. A. Yes. 18 is close to 20. 14 divided by 2 is 7 which is in the tens place of the quotient. B. Yes. Dividing a hundreds value by a tens value results in a number greater than 10. C. No. 18 is close to 20. 140 divided by 20 is 7 which is in the ones place of the quotient. D. No. 18 is close to 10. 140 divided by 10 is 14 so he needs exactly 10 batches.

Accepted Solution

Matt needs 144/18=8 batches to bake all the cookies. An estimate is 140/20=7 because we can take 144 to be close to 140 and 18 to be close to 20. So the estimate is 7, but Matt estimated the number of batches to be more than 10, so he is wrong. So answer C.