o to the repentant to ce actingon the surfaces or docts.6. What are the units of frictiontriction? Noaton, N = ham.s.7. Review the questions in the lab manual.ficient of static-boolean not2.20 NS22 Sino-2068. A 220N box is set on 100 decline. What is the force of friction if the coefficient of staticdocsit mefriction is 0.67? Does the object slide down, if so, with what acceleration? You may changethese numbers around for practicebox QƏNfe Gm F ms2200 casioP= 220N CO510.6.67F mga 0.679. A 400 N box is on a level floor. Instead of pushing it, you decide to drag itver Floor. Instead of pushing it, you decide to drag it by attaching arope at a 45°. You are able to muster 200 N of force pulling at that angle. Withdoes the box move? If not, how much force is required to get the box to movewith 300 and 600 with us = 0:4 and 0.6.HON-0.3 =120NSOX0.3/40 - dob200-120- GONVIII Momentum120X0.31H = 0.09ce pulling at that angle. With a us of 0.3quired to get the box to move? Try solving

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