Please help! Math question 30 points!

Accepted Solution

Answer:FalseTrueStep-by-step explanation:Initially, there were 50 bacteria. It is observed that the bacteria triple in population every 8 hours. Therefore, the situation can be interpreted as Β [tex]f(x) = 50\times (3)^{\frac{x}{8} }[/tex] .......... (1) where, f(x) represents the population of bacteria after x hours. So, the model equation [tex]f(x) = 3 (50)^{\frac{x}{8}}[/tex] is false. (Answer) Again, from the equation (1) we get, after 36 hours, the bacteria population will be given by [tex]f(36) = 50 \times (3)^{\frac{36}{8}} = 7014.8[/tex] ...... (2) So, 7014.8 β‰ˆ 7015 is the population of bacteria after 36 hours. Β Hence, this statement is true. (Answer)