Ravi ordered some books online and spent a total of $89. Each book cost $5 and he paid a total of $4 for shipping. How many books did he buy?(a) Write an equation that could be used to answer the question above. First, choosethe appropriate form. Then, fill in the blanks with the numbers 89,5, and 4. Let brepresent the number of books.

Accepted Solution

Answer:He bought 17 books.Step-by-step explanation:Given that:Total money spent = $89Cost of each book = $5Shipping price = $4We have to find, Total number of booksSo if the number of books be represented by b, the equation will become:Cost of one book * total number of books + shipping price = total moneyPutting values we get:5*b + 4 = $89By simplifying:5*b = 89 - 45*b = 85Dividing both sides by 5 we get:b = 17So the total number of books bought is 17.i hope it will help you!