Roman stands across from a flag pole.What is the distance from Roman's feet to the base of the flag pole?Round only your final answer to the nearest tenth.https://learning.k12.com/d2l/common/viewFile.d2lfile/Database/MTM5NDQzMDQ/test%20-%20quest%205.JPG?ou=373236

Accepted Solution

The answer is 13.2 m.
Because we are only given the hypotenuse, adjacent, and theta measurements.
the opposite side is always opposite theta. In this case, theta is 39 degrees. The hypotenuse is always the slant of the triangle, so it is 17 m. And adjacent is obviously the only one left, in this case, it is x.

You have to use sin, cos, or tan for this problem. You would use cos because cos = adjacent /hypotenuse (x/17)

so you would do cos(39) times 17
x = cos(39) * 17
x = .777 * 17
x = 13.21 

And it says round to the nearest tenth, so it is 13.2 m.
Hope this helps.