SA national park in Florida is approximately x 108 square meters in area. A New York State Parkis approximately 2 x 10?square meters in area. Based on these areas, how many times larger is thenational park than the state par?

Accepted Solution

Answer:4.  35 times largerStep-by-step explanation:Doing Question #4 Only4.Before we see this problem's solution. Lets get a background.Suppose something has an area of "A" sq. meters.andSuppose another land has an area of "B" sq. meters.and suppose A > BIf we want to know how many times A is larger than B, we simply have to divide the larger one (A) by the smaller one (B).Now, onto our question:We want to know how many times larger the national is than state park. So we divide the area of national by the area of state. That would be:[tex]\frac{7*10^8}{2*10^7}[/tex]Since the numbers are in scientific notation, we look at the rule below on how to divide scientific notation numbers:[tex]\frac{a*10^b}{c*10^d}=(\frac{a}{c})*10^{b-d}[/tex]Now, we apply the rule:[tex]\frac{7*10^8}{2*10^7}\\=\frac{7}{2}*10^{8-7}\\=3.5*10^1\\=3.5*10\\=35[/tex]So, the national park is 35 times larger than the state park.