The donaldson furniture company produces three types of rocking​ chairs: the​ children's model, the standard​ model, and the executive model. each chair is made in three​ stages: cutting,​ construction, and finishing. stage ​children's standard executive cutting 5 hr 4 hr 7 hr construction 3 hr 2 hr 5 hr finishing 2 hr 2 hr 4 hr the time needed for each stage of each chair is given in the chart. during a specific week the company has available a maximum of 152152 hours for​ cutting, 9292 hours for​ construction, and 7474 hours for finishing. determine how many of each type of chair the company should make to be operating at full capacity.

Accepted Solution

the question is 3 variable equation solution the three equation will be 5x+4y+7z=152 3x+2y+5z=92 2x+2y+4z=74 solving by elimination we get x=11,y=12,z=7