The perimeter of a rectangular lot of land is 436 ft. this includes an easement of x feet of uniform width inside the lot on which no building can be done. if the buildable area is 122 ft by 60 ft, determine the width of the easement.

Accepted Solution

Given the Perimeter of the Lot is 436 ft, and an inner building whose base measures 122ft by 60ft. The key in the problem is that the easement is uniform.

Let X be the measure of easement. See attached

You will derive the equation where if you add X on the length of the inner rectangle length and width, you have below equation

P = 2L + 2W
P = 2*(122+2X) + 2*(60+2x)
436 = 244+4x + 120+4x

Rearranging the equation by shifting all constant on one side.
8x = 436-244-120
8x = 72
x=9 ft

Answer is 9ft easement for with respect to the base of the inner building.