Which functions have graphs that are steeper than the graph of f(x)=−3x^2?Select each correct answer.h(x)=−2x^2g(x)=−4x^2k(x)=3x^2m(x)=4x^2j(x)=2x^2Need help asap pleaseI think it is k(x)=3x^2 and j(x)=2x^2 Can anyone tell me if i am correct.

Accepted Solution

Answer:g(x)=−4x^2  and m(x)=4x^2 Step-by-step explanation:A horizontal stretch or shrink happens when you multiply the parent function (in this case f(x) = x²) by a number.  If this number is between 0 and 1, the graph will be stretched horizontally.  If this number is greater than 1, the graph will be shrunk horizontally.  If the number is between -1 and 0, the graph will be stretched horizontally and flipped; if the number is less than -1, the graph will be shrunk horizontally and flipped.The graphs that are horizontally shrunk are steeper than the others.  This is m(x)=4x^2  and g(x) = -4x^2.