Which statement describes solstices?T occur when the Sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky.O T affect the amount of sunlight in the Southern Hemisphere in May.T contribute to the cycling of winters all year long in the Northern Hemisphere.O T increase the amount of rays from the Sun directly received in the Southern Hemisphere.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option A (T happen as the Sun hits its maximum and minimum level throughout the sky) is the correct option.Explanation:Solstice seems to be the moment whereas at noon this same sun achieved its maximum as well as minimum position, actually results throughout the year's shortest as well as biggest days.  We currently believe that perhaps the solstice seems to be an apocalyptic event, exacerbated either by the tilt of the globe’s axis and therefore its direction of movement in an elliptical orbit. Globe's rotation not everyone's travel time from either the sun was what was causing winter or even just summer.Some other options given should not be in accordance with the given context. So, the correct approach would've been option A.