A coffee shop charges two different prices depending on the size of the cup. The table shows the number of regular-sized coffees and the number of large-sized coffees purchased in the past 3 hours. The total earnings for hours 1 and 2 are given. Each regular-sized coffee costs the same price, and each large-sized coffee costs the same price. The system of equations can be used to represent the situation. WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST 14 POINTS!!!

Accepted Solution

X represents Regular Sized Coffee.
y Represents Large Sized Coffee.
The intersection is (3,5).
The cost of 1 regular and 1 large size coffee is 8 dollars.
The total earnings for hour 3 are $63.

8 and 9 are coefficients for x so they represent the regular sized coffee.
6 and 11 are coefficients for y so they represent Large sized coffee.
To find the intersection you can graph the equations. as shown in the attachment. 
x is 3 and y is 5. Add them together to get 8 dollars.
plugging in 3 for x and 5 for y gives you 63 dollars.
6x+9y = 6(3) + 9(5) = 63.