A radar beacon 40 feet above the ground picks up an airplane approaching at an angle of elevationof 43 degrees and a distance of 6,390 feet. How high above the ground is the plane in whole feet?

Accepted Solution

5,998.7714 ftStep-by-step explanation:Well find x in the illustration;First To find the opposite side of the right-angled triangle we'll using tangent of the given angleTangent Π€ = Length of the opposite side / Length of the adjacent sideTan 43 = h / 6390h = Tan (43) * 6390 h = 5,958.7714 ftThen we'll add the height of the beacon which is 40 ft above ground;x = 5,958.7714 ft + 40 ftx = 5,998.7714 ftLearn More: