A spherical container has a radius of 9 centimeters. It is filled with a solution that costs $2.10 per cubic centimeters.What is the total value of the solution in the container?Use 3.14 for ​ π ​.Enter your answer in the box to the nearest cent.

Accepted Solution

Hello! For this question, first, we have to find the area of the spherical container. The formula for finding the area of a sphere is 4/3πr³. We raise the radius to the 3rd power and multiply it by pi (3.14). The radius is 9 cm. 9³ is 729. There's that number. Now, we multiply 81 by 3.14 to get the total area of the square. 729 * 3.14 is 2,289.06. Now, multiply that by 4/3. 2,289.06/1 * 4/3 is 3,052.08. The volume of the sphere is 3,052.08 cubic centimeters. Which brings us to the next part. Now, we can find the price of the solution by multiplying the area by the price. 3,052.08 * 2.10 is 6,409.368 or 6,409.37 when rounded to the nearest cent. The total value of the solution in the container is $6,409.37.