Aliza needs to run at a rate faster than 8.8 feet per second in order to exceed her fastest time in a race. After running for 15 minutes, her coach determines that she is running at an average rate of 5.8 miles per hour. He converts the average rate to feet per second as shown below:He concludes that she is not running fast enough to exceed her fastest time. 

Accepted Solution

Answer:a.  He used an incorrect time ratio converting hours to minutes. d. He incorrectly concluded that she is not running fast enough.Step-by-step explanation:Looking at the Coach's method of conversion when converting time, he assumed that an hour had 15 minutes instead of 60 minutes. He therefore did not use the correct time ratio to convert hours to minutes. The coach's calculations yielded an answer of 34 ft/s. This is way faster than 8.8 ft/ s so his deduction that she was not running fast enough to beat her fastest time is incorrect because at that inhumane speed, she did.