Christopher works at the power plant for the southwest part of his home state. For peak operational performance, his department employs 3 electricians for each generator and 4 inspectors for every 60 electricians. Anthony, who works in the power plant for the northwest part of the state, informs Christopher that his department has 50 generators.To maintain peak performance, how many inspectors will be required by the power plant in which Anthony works?

Accepted Solution

Answer:150 electricians,10 inspectorsStep-by-step explanation:The solution uses unitary method.The unitary method is a method for solving a problem by first finding the value of a single unit and finding the required value by multiplying the single unit value.Given,Each generator employs [tex]3[/tex] electricians.Every [tex]60[/tex] electricians require [tex]4[/tex] inspectors.So,every electrician require [tex]\frac{4}{60}=\frac{1}{15}[/tex] inspectors.Anthony's department has [tex]50[/tex] generators.Since each generator requires [tex]3[/tex] electricians,[tex]50[/tex] generators require [tex]3\times 50=150[/tex] electricians.Since each electrician needs [tex]\frac{1}{15}[/tex] inspectors,[tex]150[/tex] electricians need [tex]\frac{1}{15} \times 150=10[/tex] inspectors.So,to maintain peak performance Antony's department requires [tex]150[/tex] electricians and [tex]10[/tex] inspectors.