During winter, Detroit is colder than Boston but warmer than Minneapolis. Which inequality correctly compares the winter temperatures of the three cities?1. Detroit temperature's < Boston's temperature < Minneapolis's temperature2. Minneapolis's temperature < Detroit's temperature < Boston's temperature3. Boston's temperature < Minneapolis's temperature < Detroit's temperature4. Detroit's temperature < Minneapolis's temperature < Boston's temperature

Accepted Solution

We will take one given at a time, the common place is "Detroit", so we will take it as a reference.

1- Detroit is colder than Boston, this means that:
Temperature in Detroit < Temperature in Boston .........> I

2- Detroit is warmer that Minneapolis, this means that:
Temperature is Minneapolis < Temperature in Detroit .........> II

From I and II, we can conclude that:
Minneapolis has the lowest temperature, followed by Detroit and then Boston.

Comparing this to the choices, we will find that the correct choice is:
2. Minneapolis's temperature < Detroit's temperature < Boston's temperature