Every week rolando works at starbucks during the day and at a youth soccer league at night he can work a maximum of 40 hours a week he calculates he needs to earn at least $368 every week to cover his expenses. Rolando earn $13 an hour at starbucks and $9 an hour at the youth soccer league. Write a system of linear inequalities to represent the situation. Pls i need an answer before monday plsssssss

Accepted Solution

Answer:The linear inequalities representing the given situation is - x≥0 , y≥013x + 9y ≥ 368x + y ≤ 40Step-by-step explanation:Let Rolando work 'x' hours a week at starbucks and 'y' hours a week at the youth soccer league.∵ No. of hours cannot be negative - x≥0 ,  y≥0Given that Rolando earns $13 an hour at starucks - Total earning at starbucks per week = 13xAlso Rolando earns $9 an hour at the youth soccer league - Total earning at the youth soccer league per week = 9y Total earnings for Rolando per week = 13x+9ySince his total earnings needs to be atleast $368 - 13x+9y ≥ 368Total number of hours for which Rolando can work per week is - x+ySince he cannot work for more than 40 hours a week - x+y ≤ 40.∴ x≥0 , y≥0   13x + 9y ≥ 368   x + y ≤ 40