Jake carries a green or yellow and black guitar picking his pocket he randomly chooses a guitar pick from the pocket before every concert what is the problem probability he will select the same color pic for two concerts in a row

Accepted Solution

To find the probability that Jale will use the same colored "pic" in two concerts in a row would be would be 1/9. Since each color appears once, and only one, we can pick anyone as an example and find the probability. That probability will apply in all cases. Let's the green "pic" as an example. To find the probability multiply the probability of using a green pic in the 1st concert times using a green pic in the 2nd concert.

1st Concert: [tex]P(green) = \frac{1}{3} [/tex]
2nd Concert: [tex]P(green) = \frac{1}{3} [/tex]
Final Answer:[tex]P(green, green) = \frac{1}{3} * \frac{1}{3} = \frac{1}{9}[/tex]