James had a peach that was 98 mm in diameter. One day he watered it with a magical solution, and it grew to 188,869 mm in diameter Approximately how many times as large did the diameter of the peach become after James watered it?and i would love it if you could help me convert in to scientific notation

Accepted Solution

To determine how many times larger the peach got, you will divide the new diameter by the original diameter length.

188869/98 = 1927.2
The new diameter is approximately 1927 times longer.

To convert this to scientific notation, move the decimal point from the end (on the right) to between the 1 and the 9 to get 1.927.

Then count the number of decimal places you moved to get there, because this represents how many groups of 10 you adjusted your place value by and then becomes your exponent in scientific notation.

1.927 x 10^3 times is the answer in scientific notation.