Liam has purchased a fee-for-service health insurance plan from Leroux Health Insurance. Plan A includes a $248.00 monthly premium and an annual deductible of $5,500.00 (not including co-pays). Liam is a fairly healthy young man. He visits his primary care physician three times a year on scheduled visits. He sees a chiropractic specialist every week to help with lower back pain. He has no current prescriptions that need refilling regularly. Assuming Liam maintains his regular visits with his primary care physician and his chiropractor, and avoids any trips to the emergency room or urgent care, how much will Liam pay in health care related fees this year? Leroux Health Insurance Plan A Cost: Monthly Premium: $248.00 Annual Deductible: $5,500.00 Co-pays: Brand-name Prescriptions $35.00 Generic Prescriptions $15.00 Visits: Primary Care Physician: $40.00 Specialist: $60.00 Urgent Care: $125.00 Emergency Room: $325.00 a. $716.00 b. $3,816.00 c. $5,500.00 d. $6,216.00

Accepted Solution

What it will is 3900